Product Development Design

▶ Product Development Design ▶ Mold making ▶ Wax pattern production ▶ Wax assembly ▶ Coating(Molding) ▶ Dewaxing ▶ Cell firing ▶ Casting ▶ Absorption(cell removal) ▶ Cut ▶ Grinding ▶ Short and post processing ▶ Heat treatment ▶ Calibration and Inspection ▶ Packing and delivery

▶ Product Development Design


 Design drawings according to the product or
 drawing requested by the customer.

▶ Mold making


 A mold for injection of the wax pattern is
 manufactured in
 consideration of the expected order quantity and
 the like in accordance with the prepared drawings.

▶ Wax pattern production


 injecting a semi-solid wax into the mold to
 mold the solid wax circle.

▶ Wax assembly


 A wax pattern projected by a mold is a step of
 making a tree (mold) by assembling in the form
 of a twig into a runner bath produced in advance.

▶ Coating(Molding)


 It is a very important process to repeatedly
 apply the assembled mold with special ceramics
 material several times and it is a molding operation
 that takes a long time. This process is one of the
 important processes that determine the quality of
 precision castings.

▶ De waxing


 It is the process of removing the wax circle
 inside by dissolving the wax in the coated cell.

▶ Cell firing


 Before injecting the molten material into the cell,
 the wax remaining in the cell is completely removed,
 and the cell is placed in a firing furnace and
 sintered / preheated to improve the strength
 and air permeability of the cell.

▶ Casting


 It is a process of injecting dissolved molten
 material into a cell (mold), and it can be said that
 it is a process in which the shape of a product
 requested by a customer is produced.

▶ Absorption(cell removal)


 When the mold is completely cooled, it is not
 necessary to use a ceramic mold attached to the
 mold surface of the tree-like mold, so that it is a
 process of separating by using a physical impact
 such as a hammer.

▶ Excision


 Cutting various cutting equipment at the gate part
 of the product attached at regular intervals at
 regular intervals and performing the separation

▶ Grinding


 This is the process of grinding / mapping the
 residual gate, which is the injection port of the
 product, through the sandbelt.

▶ Short and post processing


 Air shot, etc. Removal of sand buried in the casting
 process After the series of finishing operations
 such as surface modification, deformation
 orrection, surface treatment, etc. of the casting
 urface improvement, the desired precision casting
 with added value is completed.

▶ Heat treatment


 It is a heat treatment process to increase the
 mechanical properties of the product.

▶ Calibration and Inspection


 It is a final inspection process that confirms
 whether the finished finishing precision casting
 conforms to the various quality levels required by
 the drawing, and if it is necessary to calibrate it,
 it completes the complementary work and confirms
 whether it is good or not.

▶ Packing and delivery


 The completed castings shall be packed and
 packed according to the domestic packing export
 packing in accordance with the customer's